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Pectus excavatum - funnel chest

Patients with pectus excavatum (funnel chest) are treated by one of the worlds leading thoracic surgeons Dr. Hans Kristian Pilegaard at Aleris-Hamlet Hospitals in Denmark.

Pectus excavatum is a birth defect that causes the chest to look sunken. Thoracic surgery is recommended to correct moderate to severe cases of pectus excavatum. The NUSS operation is performed by the highly skilled thoracic surgeon Hans Kristian Pilegaard at our hospital in Aarhus.

Results from pectus excavatum surgery

After a pectus excavatum surgery most patients experience:

  • Less chest pain
  • Easier breathing
  • Better blood circulation
  • Normal looking chest
  • More confidence
  • Improved quality of life

Prompt treatment

We can offer you prompt treatment as soon as we have received your X-rays and you have spoken to the doctor about the treatment.

Pictures before and after pectus surgery

Before and after pectus surgery

If you wonder what cosmetic result you can achieve with pectus surgery, you can find examples of pictures before and after Nuss procedure here.

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Dr. Hans Kristian Pilegaard

Excavatum - funnel chest


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